• Safety Sunglasses (Polycarbonate Brown Lens, Anti-Fog Coated) 90960-BR
  • Safety Sunglasses (Polycarbonate Brown Lens, Anti-Fog Coated) 90960-BR

Original Safety Sunglasses (Polycarbonate Brown Lens, Anti-Fog Coated) 90960-BR

Item No.: 90960-BR
Brand: IC-Safety
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The eyes are one of the bods most important organs. Figuratively, they are the windows through which we see the world around us. But their essential role goes hand in hand with their delicate nature even small particles of dust, metal, wood, corrosive liquids and tiny insects can cause temporary or even permanent damage. Such adverse effects include corneal erosion (which is the wearing away of the eyes outermost layer), a scratched lens and in some cases, the puncture of the eye which can lead to blindness.

Whereas there really is no place where such hazards cannot occur, there are high risk work environments where these incidents have a higher probability of materializing. Persons working in such high risk eye hazard environments must protect their eyes from flying debris by wearing work safety glasses.

The safety glasses are made from clear glass so that the protection does not come at the cost of lower visibility. The lens is non corrective meaning that it is not designed to improve the vision of persons that already suffer from any visual impairment such as long and short sightedness. Work safety glasses are used mostly by workers in the construction industry, laboratory professionals who must handle chemicals in the course of their work, and industries that use metal and wood in manufacturing or processing.

Such work environments will occasionally have flying fragments, chemical powders and liquids. In masonry for instance, small metal particles are thrown into the air when metal is struck, sawed or cut. Laboratory workers will frequently deal with high alkaline or high acidity chemicals that can damage the eyes if spilt or if a chemical test is more explosive than initially anticipated.

But despite the name, work safety glasses are not only used in a work environment. These safety glasses can also be used by swimmers although safety glasses meant for the water have to be water proof when worn. A swimming pool with water that has been heavily treated with chlorine (a common form of treatment in public pools) can cause painful eye irritation, a condition referred to as the chlorine sting. Many swimmers are however reluctant to wear work safety glasses under water due to the goggles obstruction of peripheral vision.

Other than preventing objects and liquids from entering the eyes, work safety sunglasses can also come in handy in situations where a strong gust of headwind may cause dry eyes. A good example is when one rides a motor cycle – strong wind resistance is experienced by the rider. Wearing a standard helmet with no frontal glass will not suffice as they are only meant to protect the head in the event of a fall. Dryness of the eyes can eventually lead to impaired or blurred vision.

Research has shown that eye injuries in work environments can be reduced by about 90% by simply wearing safety glasses. When it comes to eye care, prevention is far much better than cure.

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Item No.: 90960-BR
Brand: IC-Safety

Safety Sunglasses (Polycarbonate Brown Lens, Anti-Fog Coated) 90960-BR is a high quality and low price product, and the price is most competitive compare with other providers. Moreover, we will give you more discount if you purchase in big quantity. When the order has done, we will choose the best way ship to you, according to the shipping address you have give to us. Our goal is to satisfy the customers with providing superior quality, up-to-date design, competitive price, fast delivery and excellent service. We want to make sure our customers confident in our products in all aspects. Enjoy your online shopping and welcome to our website again, thank you! Choppers Eyewear

How do I read the size of the frames?

We provide measurements for glasses frame on our website in the following formats so that you can choose the frames that are best suited to your face

e.g. 40-15-135-29

1. Lens Diameter (40) is the width across the lens
2. Bridge width (15) is the distance across the bridge
3. Arm length (135) is the length of the frame's arm from the front of the frame to the temple which secure the frame behind the ears.
4. Lens Depth (29) is the height of the lens

The best, quickest and easiest way of choosing the best fit for you is to note down the measurements of your current pair to give you a guide. Most frames have three measurements on the inside of an arm

The Arm Length and Bridge Width will determine the fit and comfort of the frames. The Lenses Diameter (width) and Depth (height) influence the style of glasses. Hence, these factors are respective to your individual preferences

As a general rule of thumb, people with narrow faces suit narrow frames. These 4 measurements do not need to match exactly, but if they are close to your current glasses, they will result in a similar fit

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